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Chrysalis & Journey Background Check Information

All adults (18 and Over) working on a Heart of Georgia Chrysalis weekend are required to submit a current background check (defined as within past 3 years). This includes the Kitchen and behind-the-scenes workers. The Lay Director will notify team members who need a background check completed. Team members are responsible for providing the background check results to the Registrar. Team members who will not provide a background check are not allowed to serve on the weekend. This is a firm Upper Room policy.

Background checks will be due NO LATER than 3 weeks before the walk. As long as results received before or provided at Thursday Registration, you may continue to serve on the weekend. Do not mail background checks to the registrar within 7 days of a Flight; bring them to Registration instead.

There are 3 different ways to submit your background check. Please choose the method most suitable for you:

  1. Obtain your background check online for Heart of Georgia Chrysalis through our online partner, Clear Investigative Advantage (CIA), at your own expense below.
    • Step 1: Type your name and click "Continue with PayPal" to pay $12.00. PayPal account NOT required.
    • Step 2: After paying, click the link at the bottom of the PayPal page to return to the merchant (Heart of Georgia Chrysalis) page.
    • Step 3: At the Chrysalis background check payment completion page, click the link provided to begin your background check on CIA's website. At their website you must complete all the required information and electronically sign the background check at the bottom.
    • Step 4: Results will be automatically emailed to the Registrar. No further action is needed.

    • If you run into any problems or forgot Step 2, do not pay a second time; email the Registrar for the payment completion link.
    Your Name

  2. Obtain a copy of the completed results of your current background check (within past 3 years) from your local church, employer, or volunteer organization. A copy of the results must be scanned and emailed, mailed, or given to the Registrar.

    A letter from your local church, employer, or volunteer organization will also be accepted if the letter meets the following criteria:
    1. Must be on church, employer, organization letterhead.
    2. Must include date of your last background check screening or Safe Sanctuaries certification.
    3. Includes the results of the background check. It must be stated "No Results Found" or "Results Found." All offenses must be listed if results are found including the type of offense and related dates.
    4. Signed by the appropriate contact person and contains their information for follow up if needed.
      Sample Letter
    Failure to follow the letter requirements may result in one or all of the individuals being rejected. A corrected letter may be resubmitted to the Registrar. If the letter cannot be completed as required, please see Options 2 and 3 below.

  3. Go to your local Sheriff’s Office and request a background check at your own expense. The Purpose is W- for volunteering with children under 18. Costs vary. A copy of the results must be scanned and emailed, mailed, or given to the Registrar.